Carly Schoen: Leather & Denim Choppers in Black

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Carly Schoen: Leather & Denim Choppers in Black


We are thrilled to introduce our newest featured maker, Carly Schoen of MAYDAY

From the moment we became acquainted with Carly and her work, we were immediately in awe of her wide-array of skills in elaborate hand-embroidery, custom garment alteration and embellishment, furniture upholstery, and much more.  

To have exceptional skill in a traditional trade is a noteworthy achievement, but what completely draws us to certain makers is their ability to take that skill and elevate it into something completely of their own.  That's exactly what Carly continually proves to do in her work and these "chopper" style leather mittens are no exception.  

To take her unique design sense even further, Carly made two exclusive styles of "Purcell Trading edition" chopper mittens.  As Carly explains, "The Purcell Trading edition of the MAYDAY choppers are special because they feature the delicate textile art of embroidery with the heirloom durability of leather goods.  They are precious in both utilitarian and artistic senses.". 

A bit about Carly's background and inspiration for making choppers: 

I've been making outdoor clothing for a number of years, but it wasn't till I moved West -  where cowpoke style underscores the fashion sense - that the rugged materials and aesthetic sense that I use really came into bloom.  Projects in the MAYDAY camp range from custom hand embroidery pieces, to vintage denim jacket restorations, to these leather choppers.  By making these projects one at a time, often with lots of handwork and using traditional techniques, I contribute to a revival of American craftsmanship and micro manufacturing. 


These mittens are made of premium full grain leather that's been milled to an incredibly supple, almost buttery soft feel.  The cuffs are made of reclaimed denim that was specifically chosen for the unique faded patterns in the cloth and then embroidered by hand.   

Each style is available in S/M or L/XL.  

*These are a made-to-order item.  Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery.  

Each pair come with a wool/acrylic blend knit liner - made in the USA!  

Care instructions:

Laundering: Dry clean only.

Maintenance: You might consider adding a water protection product such as Nubuck & Suede Proof Nikwax or Scotchgard Leather Protector for Suede and Nubuck. Do not use heat to dry out the mittens. Air dry at room temperature after every use. Don’t turn the mittens inside out but do remove the liner for faster drying. During the off-season, store the mittens in a cool, dry place away from heat.

Wear the mittens!  The changes in leather and denim from wear and age will only add character and beauty to the pair.


To find more of Carly's work, please visit:

Instagram: maydaydenim


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