Jeff Purcell in the studio.    Photo by Lauren L Photography

Jeff Purcell in the studio.

Photo by Lauren L Photography

Process - I throw all my clay on a standard electric potter’s wheel with the exception of some hand-building for added functionality.  The type of clay I use is low-fire earthenware.  The food-safe glazes I use are also low-fire, meaning they flux at a much lower temperature that is typical for a wood-fired kiln situation.  We use a brick, wood-fired kiln that is fueled by 4 foot lodge pole pine logs.  We reach temperatures to cone 05 (1886 degrees Fahrenheit) by using an old farrier’s horseshoe forge blower to stoke the firebox.  

Creative Inspiration – Simplicity drives my work and is the common mindset that continually inspires our work at Purcell Trading. My ceramics are inspired by creating a functional piece of art that mends well in a rustic or modern home décor.  I consider hand-thrown ceramics to be both an art and a trade; beauty and functionality.  My pottery allows both you and me to reconnect to a piece of the Earth in our daily rituals, grounding us in a process that has imperfections, yet is perfect in nature at the same time. 

Photography by Lauren L Photography


Currently available at:

Cactus Blossom Collective - Livingston, MT

Grain - Missoula, MT

Wilder Goods - Bozeman, MT

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Group Exhibition:

June 6-July 1, 2017 - "Form and Function" at the Livingston Center for Art and Culture - Livingston, MT