Strap that Wool on and Ride


Summer in Montana is the most beautiful time of the year.  It's a season that Montanans take full advantage of, as there are only about three months of warm weather before the snow begins to creep in again.  To us, there is no better way to take advantage of the warm weather than on our ’79 Suzuki motorcycle we call “Red Feather”. 

 Wolf Ridge Icelandics  |  Pray, Mont. 

Wolf Ridge Icelandics  |  Pray, Mont. 

So this weekend, with our knees in the breeze, we cruised down the East River Road in Paradise Valley to pick up some wool for Meghan’s hand crocheted rugs and felted wall hangings.  After riding 25 Miles south alongside the craggy Absaroka Mountains, we pulled into Wolf Ridge Icelandics sheep farm.  Over a dozen baby Icelandic sheep greeted us with an overload of cuteness, as we rode up the driveway, bleating for a milk bottle that we did not possess.  The owners, Barb and her husband, Per, told us that they have some 300+ new lambs this season! 

As Meghan picked out four bags of newly processed roving with some subtle color variations of white, greys and oatmeal, I began strapping them onto the front and back of the bike with bungee cords.  Checking out our vintage bike, Per reminisced about how as a young man he would rage his Honda 750 down the valley roads at 120mph...until his mother found out.  A few pictures were taken of our ridiculous looking puffy wool clad bike and then off we rode, much to the amusement of our suppliers. 

We made a quick stop for gas, made another lunch pit stop for a burger and beers in the sun, then back up the valley towards home.  The rushing mighty Yellowstone River and sun rays that beamed down through the clouds across the green mountain sides made for an exceptionally scenic ride home to Livingston... it was the kind of summer day that makes the long winter so worth it.    

Sure, it would have been more of a convenience to have driven our truck.  But the simple pleasure and adventure of the open road down the mountain valley and ridiculousness of transporting sheeps' wool on a bike made for a much more memorable experience and a hell of a lot better story... One we can reminisce about when we're snowed in come November.